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January 11, 2009
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Boitata by omgdragonfly Boitata by omgdragonfly
A quick aw-dang-draw-something something. Learning more about the boitatá is hindered by the fact that I can't read Portuguese!

I miss reptiles. ;_;
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White-Mantis Jul 25, 2009  Student General Artist
Brazilian foklore <3
I love it. It looks like a painting on a rock. Stylized and artistically flat - but with the scales to give it depth.

I ought to try making textures some time.

Because I used to draw reptiles all the time too.

Because reptiles are awesome.
HA. I actually thought this was an actual snake species until reading the comment of the fine young lady above me. And here I was getting this "I bet it's eyes aren't on fire in real life" snark comment all ready and BAM. But now I too am bloody curious!

This definatly pulls sinister very well! Green snake, red background, and it looks striking and not christmasy! Ten points! And something about the thin, angular nature of the subject (even the flames!) really enforces the idea that this thing will shoot out of the screen and kill me. My only complaint is that it looks a little too much of a closeup and it would have been nice to see the rest of the body. But that's nitpicking-good job!
ALSO maybe I should point out that this is another incident of colors-by-luck. The lines were just gonna be the usual slightly-darker-than-the-color kinda thing but when I went to adjust the color my precepts were already adjusted and it landed on that magenta(?). And the rest kinda followed suit. SO. Colors by luck.
Mboi + tatá is snake + fire I think... I really didn't make it's fantasticalness clear. Though I did pretty much draw an anaconda with fire eyes.

Don't nitpick at my small-frame fallback to avoid drawing the whole body of really large/really long creatures! It's my favourite avenue of laziness.
I guess I thought you drew a snake with the FIGHTING SPIRIT? own empty-mindedness shocks me sometimes. Still, at the risk of sounding like a thirteen-year-old boy, giant snake on fire=infinate coolness.

Regardless of how you tripped on it, I still think it was a nice effect! Besides, the darkening of the corners make it look a lot better than just a straight red-magenta ish color so HA TALET. And, shoot, I forgot to mention that I also thought the scale texture was great! D: Man PL, where was your brain this weekend?

I also forgot to mention that I'm sorry you miss your reptile buddies too. ;__;
sanxian Jan 11, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
Oh my, how surprised I was to see a creature from brazilian folklore here! Because, you see, I'm brazilian. And I know Boitatá's legend quite well - or, at least, one of its version.

And as stated above, the scales look great. c:
Ah well, now that is cool. And one is infinitely many more than how many I know. Which is none. As much as I can gather it survived a flood and/or total darkness. And maybe ate people's eyes. And is sometimes completely on fire.
sanxian Jan 12, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
One version I know tells how, one day, the sun, the moon and stars suddenly desappeared, and the world was taken by darkness. Everyone was starving, and to make things worse, a endless rain started to fall, which flooded the lands. A "boiguaçu" snake survived the flood, and started to eat the dead animals' eyes which were shining in the water (it's said that they were shining because of the light of the last time they've seen the sun). Because of all the eyes it had eaten, its body begun to shine, until it became the fiery monster known as Boitatá. c:

The other and not so detailer version tells how the snake survived the flood by hiding its head inside a hole in the ground, which made its head grows abnormally big and shiny.

Sorrylongcomment. D:

And I forgot to :+fav: this c:
Scale texture is awesome. 8D What did you use for that?
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